Sunday, September 02, 2018

Piney Hills Harmony adds 2 members during last 2 weeks

Cat Stoppleworth (in layout above) and Sandy Donaldson (in layout below) were both welcomed into Piney Hills Harmony Chorus during the past two weeks.  Both are basses, and bass section leader and PHHC President Judy Sisson is beaming ... as are the rest of their new Singing Sisters!  Judy is to the far left in the posed pic above; to the far left in the posed pic below.  Both Cat and Sandy were introduced to the chorus by Kelli Ayres, who joined PHHC only last summer herself.  Kelli is pinning on Cat's angel pin during her sing-in (above) and hugging Sandy in the bottom left photo.  Director Sheila Nugent is also in both the posed photos, and other various PHHC members are shown hugging each new member and standing in the Circle of Love.

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