Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Piney Hills Harmony rocks regional competition

We're so glad that on stage at competition we had quite a few more members than shown here. This was at our dress rehearsal last Monday, and an unheard of number of Piney Hills Harmony members were at home sick or in the hospital. The day before contest, another member was in the ER, and we've lost count of how many were on meds or getting shots. One of our precious sisters remained in Louisiana in the hospital, but she was there with us in spirit - and thankfully, she's now on the road to recovery.

We are proud that in the face of such obstacles, our score improved by 27 points from last year, and we got many positive comments from the judges. We came in 6th small chorus and 9th overall. We felt good about our performance, and we know that we've grown musically during the past year. We had a wonderful time throughout the weekend (despite the weather on the way home!), and the love that we feel for each other was evident, even to the judges; one made a note of such on her score sheet. Piney Hills Harmony rocks!!!

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