Friday, February 07, 2014

A GREAT night for Piney Hills Harmony!

This photo shows the end of a WONderful night of coaching and an administrative visit from some of our new friends in Region 10 on Feb. 6. With the blue shirt is communications coordinator Karla Fenton; with the pink shirt is Betty Clipman, director of the Woodlands Show Chorus. Piney Hills Harmony director Sheila Nugent and president Carol Ogle are "Happy, Happy, Happy" to pose with them!

[An after-the-post P.S.:  On March 13, we had another coaching session with Betty, this time by Skype - a first for both of us.  We're happy (there's that word again!) to report that it went extremely well, with only a few technological snafus that were easily worked out.  We felt as if we were making history!  Thanks so much, Betty, for all your valuable, valuable input.]

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