Monday, September 24, 2012

Piney Hills Harmony's newest member: Wilma Strickland

A hearty Piney Hills Harmony welcome to our newest member, Wilma Strickland, a baritone from Monroe!

This photo shows Wilma and our director, Sheila Nugent, the night of Wilma's official "sing-in" into the chorus.

Here are Wilma and her section leader, Sallie Rose Hollis, who's "pinning" her during our traditional angel-pin ceremony as part of the sing-in. Teresa Howard is visible in the circle of members in the background.

Chorus member Nadine Havard hugs Wilma as the sing-in continues. Each member of Piney Hills Harmony usually hugs the new member during the sing-in. Sallie Rose and member Karen Downs can be seen in the background.

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