Saturday, May 30, 2009

Say 'hello' to Piney Hills Harmony's new board

The PHH blogger has lots of updates to share, and hopefully those will be posted soon. There's our recent officer and board installation, which is highlighted here, with more details to come; there's the wedding of our assistant director, Teresa White Howard; we'll have additional shots from the vocal lessons; there are probably more regional competition pix; etc. etc. etc.

Right now, please allow us to introduce our new board members and officers for 2009-2010. We'll post two pix b/c our lovely balloons obscured some faces each time -- and we don't want anyone to be left out!

From left, our 2009-2010 board members are:

Lisa Holmes, Donna Fike (Judy Sisson standing in for her), Carol Ogle, Charles Etta Johnson, Janet Philbrook, Rebecca McNeill, Belinda Reid (Jerri Mahoney standing in) and Cynthia Clark.

Shots of the actual installation, the Rookie Skit and other aspects of our special night will follow.

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