Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In special remembrance of Tobie

Through the years, it was always such a pleasure to know and interact with Tobie Cooper, the daughter of our director, Wanda. And, of course, we cherish our relationship with Wanda herself -- and with Tobie's daughter, Faith, and her grandmother, Janet, both of whom are members of Piney Hills Harmony.

Now, with Wanda's blessing, we would like to pay a special memorial tribute to Tobie on our blog.

Many of us commented on the site that Wanda maintained for several weeks. Undoubtedly, throughout the time that we were blessed to know this young woman, each and every one of us offered prayers and love for both Tobie and her family.

Please know that we still hold all of you so very close in our hearts and pray that the days to come bring many blessings, as well as comfort, for you.

Tobie, it was a very special moment to watch those balloons sail out of sight in that bright blue sky. You did, indeed, fight the good fight and run the race beautifully.

God bless to all.

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