Friday, August 31, 2007

... And the fun continues!

The PHH Blogger couldn't resist creating another post after last night's rehearsal.

We had 10 -- count 'em! -- 10 visitors last night. A big, hearty, warm Piney Hills Harmony welcome to all who joined us!!! We can't help it ... We get excited when we're able to share the joy of harmony like this. It's such great fun to have so many singers on the risers and to have so many voices blending in song.

Six of our guests last night were people who had attended our recent "Singers Wanted" sessions; four were folks who were visiting with a chorus-member friend or who were just new visitors, period.

What's more, four of our "Singers Wanted" participants weren't able to attend last night because of scheduling conflicts, but word has it that they plan to return next week. You know what that means, don't you? We'll soon have to start using our toes to help count the visitors! :-p

Stay tuned. Hopefully, we'll have some more pix and/or more comments and/or more interesting things to post in the days and weeks to come.

Till then, here's hoping for harmony in all aspects of your life .....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

'Singers Wanted' lessons, Epilogue

Our 'Singers Wanted' lessons are over. Sigh.

They were so much fun, at the moment we're kind of missing them.

But, thankfully, the good news remains that we announced in our first posts about the campaign ... This was a wonderful year for our vocal lessons! :-) We had more than 30 ladies from across North Louisiana participate.

And there's more good news ... our first-ever Performance Night to which the participants' friends and families were invited was a great success! :-D The chorus and our two quartets performed for about 45 minutes, and then both chorus and vocal lesson ladies sang "Na Na Na Na" and "Anything Goes." We even did an encore presentation of "Anything Goes," which featured some nifty choreography ... all learned in the span of two weeks. Wow. Told you these ladies were good!

And there's even more good news ... About 9 or so of the participants said they plan to come back next week for our regular rehearsal and are thinking about joining the chorus. Plus, after attending the Performance Night, a couple of friends of chorus members are thinking about joining as well. YEA!!!

Speaking of choreo, here are a few shots from the first week's session when we were initially learning the moves. (These photos were submitted after the first posting concerning "Singers Wanted.")

In the first photo are PHH members Sharon and Karen D. (in the blue T's) and "Singers Wanted" participants Colleen, Carolyn G. and Charles Etta. (We're obviously not learning moves here, but it was a good pic, so I still included it. So shoot me, beat me, make me sing off-key!)

In the 2nd photo are Pam, Kathy, Amanda, Rose Ann, an interloper among the newcomers - veteran PHH member Lisa, and Karen M.

The next 2 pix show the Travolta-like move from "Anything Goes" and also the muscle-man move from that number (front and center in the muscle-man pic is Courtney).

The bottom shot features Amanda.

Do any of these people hear the spotlights calling their names????

Piney Hills Harmony quartet presents anniversary serenade

One recent PHH sing-out featured four members in a quartet setting at the Russ House, an assisted living facility in Ruston.

Lea, Julie, Sallie Rose and Sheila serenaded a couple celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary on Aug. 15 (if the PHH blogger's memory serves her correctly). The couple -- Albert and Irma McKee -- were served up the treat at lunch time.

These photos show the quartet during the actual performance and also afterward with Mr. And Mrs. McKee. PHH members are (from left) Sallie Rose, Lea, Sheila and Julie. The selections were "He Was There (at the Mardi Gras)," "Tuxedo Junction," "Rockin' Robin" and "Happy Anniversary to You."

The quartet had a grand time during the gig -- and we hope that the McKees and the rest of the audience did as well! :-D

Friday, August 10, 2007

Continuing coverage of the wonderful PHH 'Singers Wanted' campaign

This is the final installment -- for now, anyway -- of the 2007 "Singers Wanted" campaign conducted by Piney Hills Harmony. Two other installments can be seen below. Skip down several posts if you want to read them in chronological order.

The pix in this post are group shots of the various vocal sections from the night of Thursday, Aug. 9. From the top, the sections are lead, bass, tenor and baritone. (Please, pay no attention to the woman sipping water in the background of the lead shot. That's just one of the current hams in our chapter trying to hog the spotlight. Get it? A "ham" "hogging" the spotlight?)

Note that in the photos, everyone looks so HAPPY. I think that says something, yes??? :-D

Can't wait till next week to see our new-found friends again -- and maybe to meet some new ones! Till then, keep singing ....

More wonderful scenes from our 1st 'Singers Wanted' night

Here are some more wonderful shots of our wonderful visitors during our wonderful first night of our wonderful "Singers Wanted" campaign, sponsored by the wonderful Piney Hills Harmony Chorus of the wonderful Sweet Adelines International. Ain't it wonderful?

The first pic shows quite a few of our visitors -- with our own wonderful youngest member, Faith, front and center. Faith is granddaughter of our director, Wanda the Wonderful, and great-granddaughter of Janet, our wonderful treasurer and Sweet Adeline of the Year for 2007.

The other shots show us -- are we wonderful, or what?!? -- doing various exercises that are designed to help our breathing, etc. There is also another small group shot -- wonderful, of course.

Piney Hills Harmony's 'Singers Wanted' session nets 26 participants

Last night's "Singers Wanted" free vocal lessons drew 26 participants from across North Louisiana, from Monroe to Shreveport. Both visitors and Piney Hills Harmony members had a grand time -- or at least that's the rumor that's going around! ;-D

Anyone who missed the first segment of the lessons can still take part in the next two, scheduled for Aug. 16 and 23, from 6-8 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the Presbyterian Church of Ruston, 212 N. Bonner St. The third night will feature a performance by chorus and vocal lesson participants for the guests' families and friends.

Note: If 'Singers Wanted' participants wish, they can stay until 9:00 and rehearse with the chorus as we learn the new song, "Anything Goes." Many of the ladies did this last night, and we worked on not only the song, but some nifty new easy choreo as well.

The PHH Blogger wants to share some photos with you from last night. These pix come from one of our members, Teresa, who wields a pretty mean camera. We'll publish about four in each posting, hopefully about 12 pix in all. So ... stay tuned!

We'll begin with a full group photo from last night; a shot of the vocal lesson participants singing on their own (yea!!!); and shots of both the right and left side of the risers.

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