Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For those of you who left the retreat early -----

Here's the final installment (for now, anyway!) of Piney Hills Harmony's winter retreat at Lake D'Arbonne State Park near Farmerville. See earlier posts for additional details.

We who did not spend the second night at the lodge can only say: "Gee whiz! ---- What fun we must have missed!"

And: "Boy, are we folks young-at-heart, or what?!?!"

Top photo: Most of us did get to see this action. Newbies Ginger and Jean donned clothes and attitudes from earlier eras and be-bopped to some great old-time rock 'n' roll. They undoubtedly won first place in the Talent Show!

Having not spent the second night at the lodge herself, the PHH Blogger had to resort to a Google search to find out the name of the game that's illustrated in the next photo: Pantyhose Polo. Giving it their all are Sharon Hernandez (left) and former PHH member Marcia Simmering, who dropped by the second night to renew old acquaintances -- and obviously to blow off steam from all the stress of her day job as a Louisiana Tech professor.

And finally, there's the Lifesaver Game (OK, so I didn't Google this one, but we've pretty much all played it, so I figured we don't have to know the exact name!). Coming at each other in what seems to be a dangerous manner, but no doubt fun (as their expressions show) are Mary Stark and Nadine Havard, and Jerri Mahoney and Lea Rutherford.

I will point out that in my extensive (read: "one hit") Google search I found a game called "Cry Laughing." Beware: I may share it with our director!!!!

More action from Piney Hills Harmony's winter retreat

Members of Piney Hills Harmony and coach Kelly Causey gathered in mid-January for a weekend retreat at D'Arbonne State Park. Kelly, who is a member of Top of the Rock chorus in Little Rock, provided great coaching all day Saturday, along with goalsetting Friday night.

The top shot shows PHH members, Kelly and guest Faith Cooper, granddaugher of director Wanda McKaskle.

Next, Kelly demonstrates techniques that lead to better singing.

Then comes a breathing-improvement activity.

And, finally, members work with Kelly to set goals for the coming year.

More pix to come ....

Another hearty round of applause, please, for some of Piney Hills Harmony's newest members

Some say it's not easy being green. To illustrate that point, PHH rookie Ginger Hicks wore her greenness on her sleeve, so to speak, during a recent chorus retreat at D'Arbonne State Park near Farmerville. Must be catching -- because before the coaching session was finished, four other new PHH members had caught the "green spot disease."

Good news, though. By the time the session ended, everyone's greenness had abated.

In the top photo, from left: Lisa Holmes, Ginger, Jean Dunham, Frances Grafton and Tricia Strickland. Tricia is a former member from the Prairie Winds Sweet Adeline chapter in Lubbock, Texas.

In the bottom photo, Tricia and Lisa get their official SAI papers from the international office.

Welcome, ladies! So glad to have you as our Sisters in Song!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Final installment of Piney Hills Harmony in Vegas

Hi, all,

This post is the last of several that show some of the 11 members of Piney Hills Harmony--and two former members--who attended the Sweet Adelines International convention/ competition in Las Vegas last fall. Fuller details are found below in earlier posts, in case you want to skip down there first.

These shots show some of the great choruses and quartets that are found in our own Region 25. In the top pic, Director Dale Syverson of the Richtones (Dallas/Richardson, Texas) speaks to the audience after her chorus has won FIRST PLACE IN THE WORLD! For those of you unacquainted with the Sweet Adelines world, this isn't their first championship either. They have consistently ranked at the top of the barbershop world for years. The next shot shows the full Richtone chorus on stage.

Bottom right: At the "Afterglow" our ladies got to listen up close and personal to the Region 25 quartet Rendition, who placed 13TH IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! Is Region 25 great or what? What's more, we get to see these women all the time at regional events -- and we also get to "sit at their feet" and drink it all in when some of them serve as coaches for PHH.

Bottom left: Also at the Afterglow: Salt, the 2006 Queens of Harmony. You can tell they're Queens of Harmony by the shiny crowns on their heads! :-D

Now, the next challenge for the PHH members who went to Las Vegas: Share some of your thoughts with us in the comments section of this blog. We'd love for you to share with us -- and our additional blog audience -- what this experience meant to you.

In the next few days and/or weeks, the PHH Blogger will post photos of our chorus retreat that was held in January at Lake D'Arbonne State Park, and also pix of our newest members. Stay tuned!

And remember: If any of you members have other photos from Las Vegas that you'd like to post, please let me know. :-)

Gondolas are good for riding -- and singing -- in

It's just a small transformation to switch from the bayous of Louisiana to gondola rides in Las Vegas! Our ladies are always up for adventure!!

In the top pic, you see Sue and Carol with someone who appears to like the spotlight as much as the Sweet Adelines. :-)

Next, Lea and Teresa join them for a ride. Then, Judy, Wanda and Sheila are just a-jammin' with their gondolier.

Still more to come ....

Life in the desert must be agreeing with these Louisianians

Here are some more small group shots from this fall's Sweet Adeline International convention and competition in Las Vegas. (Please see post below for details about Piney Hills Harmony's participation.)

From the top:
Teresa, Lea, Wanda, Sheila, Judy and Carol pose in their matching traveling outfits.

Lea, Wanda and Judy look like the cats who swallowed the canaries. Wanna share the secret to happiness, girls?

Janet, Sue and Wanda share a ride in close-knit quarters.

Janice and Janet are excited to have their moment in the viewfinder. (Or is Janice practicing her choreo moves?)

Still more to come!

Piney Hills Harmony does Vegas -- e.g., International Convention

The PHH Blogger has awakened from her winter hibernation and is finally posting photos from the Sweet Adelines International Convention that was held last fall in Las Vegas. The largest contingent EVER from Piney Hills Harmony attended -- 11 members. And since Piney Hills Harmony had about 26 or so members at the time, that was a sizeable chunk of our chorus. It was exciting ... both for those who attended and for those of us who stayed home but who knew what an incredible experience our sisters were having.

What's more, two former PHH members were there, too -- Teresa Wyont and our former assistant director Sue Holder, who has now moved to Florida and is in an award-winning large chorus there.

In the top photo are the PHH members who stayed at one hotel: Director Wanda McKaskle kneels beside Teresa Hendrix. In the back are (from left) Shelia Stepp (our current assistant director), Carol Ogle, Janice Lewis, Janet Philbrook, Lea Rutherford, Sue Holder and PHH President Judy Sisson.

You can also see the whole gang in the next pic, standing in front of the international competition performance venue.

Three other PHH members also attended the Int'l convention, but stayed at another hotel: Jerri Mahoney, Julie Richard and Mary Stark. Girls, do you have some photos you'd like to share with the PHH Blogger and the world??? The photos in the next few postings were supplied by Teresa. Any other shutter bugs out there?

In the next photo, six of our Sisters in Song stand inside their hotel. Can you believe that that's an INside shot?!? And in the final pic, members gather in front of some beautiful topiaries in the background.

More postings to come. Stay tuned!

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