Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our sisters in song win Oreo Jingle Contest

In case you haven't heard, a Sweet Adelines quartet, A Cappella Gold, has won the national Oreo Jingle Contest! You can read all about it on this Sweet Adelines International Web page (you'll need to cut & paste):

Poor people in charge of the contest .... They probably didn't know what they were up against when they put Sweet Adelines among the finalists .... four singers with 30,000 very determined "Sisters in Song"!

Here's a small blurb about it:

Just like American Idol, the American public voted for their winner, and A CAPPELLA GOLD, a Sweet Adelines International barbershop quartet, won the Oreo and Milk Jingle competition!

The national contest was open to the public and received thousands of entries, from rock, to pop, and rap, to blues, but it was the a cappella group that received the most votes. Kim Hulbert said,"Winning the contest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we're so glad that Oreo gave us the opportunity and America chose us as the winners!"

A CAPPELLA GOLD members, Kim Hulbert, Bette Gorton, Tomi McEvoy and Susan Lamb, all from San Diego County, Calif., have traveled to Hollywood to meet with Randy Jackson and record the Oreo radio commercial that will start airing early next year.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Updated review of "The Wedding Singers"

The Piney Hills Harmony Blogger has now spoken to the mother of the bride from this Saturday's wedding where a PHH double quartet sang. (See post below: "Double Quartet Wows 'Em at Wedding.")

The mom must have cheated off of the PHH Blogger's notes. Mom's analysis? "They were awesome!" (Again, please see post below. :-P )

Just thought you might want to know. Perhaps more to come later ....

Harmonizing the world, one rehearsal at a time

We're getting ready for our next rehearsal, where we hope to have lots of guests again (and a few more chorus members who have returned from vacation as well!). We'll be learning a new song, so newbies and veterans alike will more or less be in the same boat! :-D

For you rookies, we'll also have learning aids available for "Harmonize the World" -- and we'll just have a good time overall. Double :-D

The two photos above were from the first "Ready, Set, Grow" vocal lesson this year, about three weeks ago now. Everyone, try to find yourself!

Hope to see you Thursday. Bring your friends as well. And anyone new out there who hasn't attended yet, but is thinking about it: We're a very friendly, welcoming group. Come on down!!!

Hugs & Harmony to everyone ....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Double quartet wows 'em at wedding

Hello again!

Just another little update on chorus activities. Our double quartet, made up of two single quartets (Masquerade and Sweet Harmony), performed at a Ruston wedding yesterday. Another chorus member who is a friend of the family also attended, and here's her totally unbiased review: The double quartet was awesome!

Please don't just take her word for it, though. Listen to just a couple of comments from other wedding attendees:

"Are those some of 'your' singers?" someone asked. An affirmative reply. "They are SO good!"

"That's the best singing that has ever been heard in this building!" another guest said.

We from Piney Hills Harmony are very proud of our two quartets, who are officially registered with Sweet Adelines International headquarters. They have recently performed on Monroe's Channel 8's "Good Morning, Ark-La-Miss" (three times within a week!), at Pecanland Mall and several other venues.

Let's hear it for the girls!!!

Above, you can see Masquerade singing during a coaching session at Summer Music Camp in Fort Worth and Sweet Harmony posing at a recent Quartet Retreat in Dallas.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Become part of 'girlfriends in harmony'

In case you're not into reading blog comments, here is one that was posted to this site by the director of Piney Hills Harmony, Wanda McKaskle. Note: I'm posting a pic below with Wanda in the center. See how much fun we have? And, you can see our gold medal hanging around her neck! :-D

If you ladies missed coming over for our vocal singing lessons, come on over this Thursday or any other Thursday and we will make sure you get the information you need to become a better singer. Visit us and become a part of what we call in our chorus...."Girlfriends in harmony"!

Thank you,

Wanda McKaskle, Director
Piney Hills Harmony

Thursday, August 17, 2006

One more week, 'One More Song,' one good time had by all!

Just wanted to update you on the second week of our chorus's free vocal lessons for women, "Ready, Set, Grow." Tonight was fantastic!

Quite a few of the participants from last week returned, and we also had some new attendees. They -- and the director -- outdid themselves this week! Last week the vocal lesson ladies learned a tag (the last couple of lines of a song) during the lessons and performed that for the chorus after the session was over.

This week, RSG participants got on the risers with chorus members and sang a complete, though short, song -- appropriately titled "One More Song." It was tremendous! So many good voices among those who attended!!!

Many of the participants expressed an interest in possibly becoming members of the chorus. To that, Piney Hills Harmony says, "Yea!" (No pressure, but we're glad to hear that news :-)

And anyone else out there who is interested in a cappella singing, in having a great time and in meeting (cover your ears, my fellow chorus members, or they'll start burning!) a wonderful group of ladies ... please contact us. We'd love to have you visit as well.

Note: The first pic at the top of this post is from tonight's vocal lesson when the guests and the chorus were singing together. The second one is of one of our quartets, Sweet Harmony, performing for the RSG gals.

Hugs and harmony!

-- the PHH Blogger

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Catch the 2nd wave of free group women's vocal lessons

Ladies, do you love to sing? Does good harmony thrill you? Would you like to develop your performing and vocal skills?

Piney Hills Harmony Chorus of Sweet Adelines International is a nonprofit group for women of all ages who like to harmonize -- a cappella style. We can help you find the fun and satisfaction of singing inspirational songs, Broadway show tunes, and popular music of yesterday and today.

Our award-winning chorus is once again offering our annual free vocal lessons for women. The first session was held Thursday, Aug. 10; the second is set for Thursday, Aug. 17. Not to worry: If you missed the first session, you can attend the second one without fear -- a review session is on the agenda.

What we're offering is a chance for your to sharpen your vocal skills in a group setting, plus check out a popular hobby for women. Lessons are from 6-8 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church of Ruston, 212 N. Bonner St. Musical knowledge is not required; all voices are welcome.

Give yourself a treat! Isn't it time you heard a little applause? Visit to check us out. You'll be singing an upbeat and exhilarating tune if you do!

Note: The pic at the top of this post is from one of last year's sessions. The lower one is a portion of our chorus that sang at a local convention.

Friday, August 11, 2006

How to find fun singing women's barbershop harmony

Hello, everybody!

I'm posting this as a connection to my chorus, Piney Hills Harmony, which is part of Sweet Adelines International. We sing a cappella harmony and have a tremendous time! It's a wonderful group of women who get together once a week to harmonize as well as share friendship.

If you're interested in a creative outlet that involves singing, great harmony, unthreatening amounts of choreography, please get in touch with us. A greater glimpse into the group can be found at our Web site,

Hope to see or hear from you sometime!

P.S. The lady in the center of the photo is our director. This is a cropped image from our 2005 regional competition photo.

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