Thursday, December 28, 2006

Salutations to one segment of Piney Hills Harmony's 2006 rookie class!

Here, Ginger, Karen and Jean pose with more paraphernalia that has been bestowed upon them by their Piney Hills Harmony sisters. Aren't they a great lookin' bunch of rookies?

And, actually, we've got one more rookie that we recently sang in -- in December. Hopefully, the PHH Blogger will come into possession of some of those photos as well? Anyone out there want to contribute to the cause?

Ginger, Karen & Jean ... you're terrific!

In the words of Etta James: At last! We've posted pix of our (almost) newest members

Piney Hills Harmony has sung in seven new members within the past three months. But the ol' PHH Blogger has been a bit slow about posting some of the latest additions to our site.

It's not that we aren't tremendously proud of these rookies; we are! That should be obvious from all the hugs and smiles ... and, yes, even tears shown in these photos.

So let's hear a cheer for Ginger Hicks and Jean Dunham of West Monroe, and Karen Downs of Monroe ... YEA! Way to go!! You done good!!! We love you!

Info about the photos is as follows, from top:

* During the sing-in, Sallie Rose, Wanda and JudySis pin Ginger, Jean and Karen with their angel pins, one of the traditions during a Piney Hills Harmony sing-in. Oh, and a few hugs are passed around, too. :-) Donna is visible singing on the far right.

* As Sallie Rose and Carol hug Jean and Ginger, Hong, Wanda, JudySis and Karen can be seen in the background.

* Hugs all around, please!! Here, President Judy hugs Jean, and Director Wanda hugs Ginger. In the background are Karen and Janet.

* And, finally, Mary gives Jean another big hug as the prez cheers in the background.

See? I told you we were happy and excited about this!

More to come in a few minutes ....

Thursday, December 21, 2006

We have to say another sad 'goodbye'

We're having to say "goodbye" far too often these days to former members of Piney Hills Harmony. This time it's to Donnie Johnston, a former PHH member who had recently transferred to another chorus that was nearer to her home. Tragically, she was struck by a car while returning to her car after her new chorus had sung at several nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Donny possessed a wonderful bass voice, was great fun to be around and was a genuine all-around nice person. She was a fifth-grade teacher and an active union member, seeking better working conditions for all educators. She was part of Piney Hills Harmony when we won our gold medals as first-place small chorus in the region; her medal is visible in the photo that accompanies this post.

Even though she wasn't currently part of Piney Hills Harmony, we will still miss her greatly. We extend our sympathy to her family, all her other friends and to her Sweet Adeline sisters in Monroe.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More craziness with Jane and Epiphany

[NOTE: You'll understand more of these postings about our wonderful Piney Hills Harmony member, the late Jane Dillon, if you begin several posts below and read them in chronological order, from down to up. We hope, even though we are all tremendously saddened by the loss of Jane, that these happy moments will somehow still bring you a sense of joy as Jane celebrates life and song and true friendship.]

Regarding the pix in this particular posting:

As noted below, the need for a makeup coordinator is reinforced by such performances as these! Please note Jane's little-old-lady-type application of lipstick. Priceless! Especially on someone as beautiful and wonderfully groomed as Jane!!

While the details at this moment at the 2003 chorus breakfast remain illusive, obviously this was a Mardi Gras-themed "performance," complete with the requisite spirits. Some of us got more into character than others. (Well, can we help it if we're good actors??)

The photo at the top captures Sallie Rose and Jane in their costumes during the chorus's "Red Hot" breakfast at regional competition. Sallie Rose wishes to announce that she isn't bitter, even though her costume was virtually the same as Jane's ... and Jane won ... and Sallie Rose didn't!

I'm sure more photos will appear in the days to come, but this is it for tonight....

-- the PHH Blogger

Jane lets loose with Epiphany

Jane joined with three other Sweet Adelines to form the quartet Epiphany, which was in existence for about three years. Two of those singers have since moved on to another chorus -- Cherri and Mary Helen -- but their love of Jane remains constant. The fourth, Sallie Rose, is still with PHH.

Jane sang lead; Sallie Rose, baritone; Cherri, bass; and Mary Helen, tenor. In the top photo, they entertain other PHH members during the yearly officer/board installation in May 2001. If memory serves correctly, Jane is emoting beautifully to the tune of "Yesterday."

The next set of images ... well ... we're back to the chorus breakfast, this time in 2002. (See posts below for an explanation. Basically, the morning before regional competition, everyone -- at least in OUR chorus -- cuts up unmercifully.) Here, Epiphany sings -- and we use that term loosely -- a selection that underscores, among other things, the need for not only a makeup coordinator, but also for properly fitting undergarments.

Stay tuned for more!

Some folks hog all the pictures!!!

The PHH Blogger isn't jealous or anything, but it seems that some folks sure do appear in a lot of these photos with Jane! (Remember, you need to read the posts top to bottom. Then you'll see what I mean! :-)

Top, Janet and Janice (again!). Bottom, Sue, Sheila, Hong and Anne (again!!).

Seriously, your Blogger is happy that Jane's -- and my -- sisters in song had the oppportunity to share these moments with Jane. It does our hearts good to look back through the years and remember the special memories with this oh-so-special lady.

To come ... four wild and crazy quartet members ... Epiphany!

Party pix with Jane

Hello again from the Piney Hills Harmony Blogger ....
Here are some more photos of our beloved Jane from our albums. This series is from some of our Christmas parties. From top left clockwise, Jane is shown with Jackie (our chorus's founder, who has also passed on), Wanda and Sue (our former assistant director who has now retired and moved to Florida). Next, Jane shares laughter with chorus members Janice, Sheila and Mary. Then, there's the joy of opening a present. And then, another special moment with Janet and Anne.

Jane's installation onto the PHH Board of Directors

In our continuing tribute to Jane Dillon, a lifetime member of Piney Hills Harmony who recently passed away, here are two photos of the installation ceremony when Jane became a member of the Board of Directors. In the group shot, she is flanked by sisters in harmony JudySt. and Janice.

Heeere's Jane!

Here are additional photos of Jane in some of her great get-ups for our chorus breakfast at competition. (See related post below.) The top shot shows Mary Jo presenting Jane with a certificate for being one of the winners in that year's "Red Hot" costume contest. The next pic shows Jane with a "Certificate of Grunginess" during another year's hotly battled contest. (Note, however, the dainty way that she holds the "grunginess" certificate, with perfectly manicured fingernails. That award was for the "Bad Ass Country Girl" outfit.) The next photo provides a nice glimpse of Jane's "Red Hot" breakfast finer.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here are some additional shots of our lovely Jane

As promised, here are some more pictures of our dear Jane, who recently passed from this world. Additional chorus members contributed pix from their files; these are from President Judy; more will be posted soon!

Here, Jane poses during some of our numerous chorus breakfasts that we have held each year immediately before regional competition. As you can see, it's a time for craziness, zaniness, wildness -- you name it! Jane always gleefully participated, and she won the costume contest the years that she dressed as "Bad Ass Country Girl" and "Lady in Red" -- the latter during the Red Hot breakfast the year that we won first place small chorus.

In the photo at top left, she poses with some of her bestest gal-pals in their bestest finery. In this shot, you can see Jane's total ensemble while in the shot next to it, you can see the close-up of her "tatoo." (Names have been omitted in the group photo because, well, I think you can see why! If anyone wants to step up and claim ownership, let the PHH Blogger know!)

The photo in the bottom right is from a performance. It is printed on one of our brochures and is one of the family's favorites.

While it brings us joy to see these photos, it also reminds us of how much we miss our Jane.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Anyone else have photos of Jane that they'd like to share?

This is the last posting that the PHH Blogger will make tonight. If any of you other Piney Hills Harmony members have photos of Jane that you'd like to share, please send them to Sallie Rose. It could be another contest pic or some casual shots -- whatever.
One of these photos is from a party that Jane attended after she was diagnosed with ALS and was unable to actively participate in chorus activities. Everyone was overjoyed to see her that night. Here, she poses with Sallie Rose, another of the Epiphany quartet members. The other shot is of a coaching session with Annette Gary.
Jane, you'll always be in our hearts ....

More photos of Dorothy Jane Dillon - dressed in red, winning gold

Please see post below for background information. 

These are additional photos of our wonderful, wonderful Jane, whom we just lost this past weekend. These capture her at regional competitions: in 2003 (blue costume) and 2004 (red costume), when we won first place in Dallas. Yea, Jane! Front row!! We love you!!! As you can see, we sang our hearts out .....

(You can tell which one is Jane in these photos by comparing the pix in the post below, where she has on a solid white sweater.)

In loving memory of our darling Jane

A shining star from Piney Hills Harmony Chorus is now shining on a much higher plane. On Friday, Nov. 24, our much beloved Jane Dillon -- our dearest darling Jane -- lost her battle with ALS.

Jane joined the chorus in 1999 and remained an active member through regional competition 2004, when PHH struck gold. Jane's place at that time? Sporting that wonderful smile that everyone knew and loved -- right on the front row! Soon after, Jane found full-time chorus membership too hard a battle, and Piney Hills Harmony at that time granted her life-time membership.

In addition to regular chorus membership, Jane also sang lead in Epiphany quartet.

PHH was honored that the family asked us to sing the Sweet Adeline arrangement of "It Is Well With My Soul" at the services yesterday, Sunday, Nov. 26.

In this posting and in other posts to come, Piney Hills Harmony will share photos that we have of Jane, both honoring her memory and acknowledging our love. These photos are from 2002 in connection with our "Ready, Set, Grow" vocal lessons for the community.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Farmerville teen wins Rising Star Contest

Kayla Hart of Farmerville won Piney Hills Harmony’s second annual Rising Star Contest held Saturday, Nov. 11, at Ruston’s Dixie Center for the Arts.

Hart, a 15-year-old freshman at Cedar Creek School, sang a rousing rendition of "Honey Bun" from the 1950s musical "South Pacific." Interests in addition to singing are softball and cheerleading.

The competition featured nine singers from across North Louisiana. Piney Hills Harmony, a chapter of Sweet Adelines International, sponsored the "American Idol"-style event, which was open to young women ages 13-18. The contest was an integral part of the chorus’s show, "Star Struck."

Shannon Stahl of Minden, who also placed in the 2005 competition, won second this year, singing "Broken Wing." She attends Cedar Creek School in Ruston.

Angela Cassels of Eros and Chandler Nelson of Minden tied for third. Cassels, who attends West Ouachita High, sang "At Last." Nelson performed "Jesus, Take the Wheel"; she attends Glenbrook School in Minden.

Hart collected $250 for her win; Stahl, $150; and third prize was $100.

Other Rising Star finalists were De'ja Buckhalter, Ruston; Chelsea Craighead, Sibley; Amber Deaton, Shreveport; Rebecca Harris, Ruston; and Shannon McCole, Shreveport.

Kayla is pictured above -- after the show in her costume, sans sailor hat, which landed in the audeince. Shannon, Angela and Chandler are pictured below.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

And the final pix of Piney Hills Harmony's Rising Star contenders '06 ...

And the final three contestants who are vying to be the top Rising Star of 2006 in Piney Hills Harmony's "Star Struck" show: Shannon McCole, Chandler Nelson and Shannon Stahl.
Best of luck to all nine! Or should we say, "Break a leg"? Or, as we say in the Sweet Adelines, "Break a lip!"

More pix of Rising Star Contest participants '06

Here are three more pix of Rising Star contestants for 2006: Amber Deaton, Rebecca Harris and Kayla Hart.

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